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Press Release

During today’s (03-05-2024) Penobscot County Commissioner’s meeting, a unanimous vote was taken to award $650,000 of the remaining County ARPA funds to the Town of Orrington and Eagle Point Energy Company (formerly known as PERC). In attendance, before the Commission, to discuss the application, Chris Backman, Orrington Town Manager; Alan Elkin, Orrington Selectman & Evan Coleman, Eagle Point Energy (EPEC).

The funding will allow for the purchase and installation of a Cambridge Flexus baler system for the facility. With the facility being out of service for a lengthy period of time, there is approximately 8,000 tons of waste still sitting on the tipping floor. By installing the baler, it will allow the cleanup process to begin and the waste will be compacted to 1/5 of its current size. In addition to the storage advantages of the baler, cleaning up the main floor will allow the major upgrades and repairs to begin within the facility.

The Commissioners recognize the importance of this facility to the region and their vote was to demonstrate confidence in the efforts of EPEC and the Town of Orrington.

Additional questions & comments may be directed to Scott A. Adkins, County Administrator / Penobscot County / / 207.942.0257


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