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County Departments

Sheriff's Office

The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office is located at 85 Hammond Street in Bangor, Maine at the county complex which is the home of the County Commissioners Office and other county functions. The agency consists of the divisions of corrections, patrol, court security, civil, and detective.


The Penobscot Regional Communications Center is a Dispatch/Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) facility with enhance 9-1-1 capability, operated on a 24 hour basis, assigned the responsibility of receiving 9-1-1 calls and, as appropriate, directly dispatching emergency services or, through transfer routing or relay routing, passing 9-1-1 calls to public or private safety agencies for the citizens of Penobscot County.

Registry of Deeds

Welcome to the Penobscot County Registry of Deeds ONLINE RESEARCH. At this site we give the public full access to the same records available to anyone using the computer search screens at the Registry of Deeds office.


The Mission of the Penobscot County Emergency Management Agency is to be responsive to the training, information, and support needs of the emergency responders in Penobscot County.  In concert with these forces, to protect the citizens of Penobscot County from exposure to the elements of a disaster whether natural or man made. 


Registry of Probate

Visit the Registry of Probate to search records and download forms.

Unorganized Territory

Providing municipal services to our 39 Unorganized Territories under the guidance of the Penobscot County Commissioners.  We strive to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost to our taxpayers.


Penobscot County District Attorney

The Penobscot County District Attorney's office is located at 97 Hammond St. in Bangor and represents Penobscot County in prosecuting individuals accused of committing crimes. For restitution payments scan the QR code or visit us at:

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