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Sub-Recipient Awards

The Penobscot County Commissioners would like to announce the first Awardees of the Sub-Recipient grants from the ARPA funds. There will be more announcements over the next weeks as talks between the County and the City of Bangor progress. 

For now we would like to announce the following programs that have had funds awarded and tell you a bit about what these funds will be used for.

97 Hammond St.

Bangor, ME 04401

The commissioner’s meeting is held every Tuesday at 9:00 am. If you would like an opportunity to provide public comment during our public comment session, please email: no later than 8:15 a.m. EST the day of the meeting, and a Zoom invite will be provided and your name will be added to the agenda for public comment.

For more information please see the links below

Mobilize Katahdin through the Millinocket Memorial Library, will be using $150,000 in ARPA funds to expand their services navigator position and train more people to help the community find the services it needs. 

Mobilize Katahdin helps people find and apply for a huge range of area services. They have a 'warm-line' so that people can talk to a person and access low-barrier ways of getting the help they need without the confusion and stigmatization that can often accompany asking for these types of services.

If you need their Katahdin Area services you can contact them at: (207) 370-1581

Bangor Area Recovery Network will be using $273,300 in ARPA funds to further develop and expand their Justice Recovery Program that works with diversion through the prosecutors office, has programs in correctional facilities, works with area drug courts and those on probation, and also works with area law enforcement to educate them on substance use and the people caught in that cycle. 

These funds will help BARN add resources to these programs that do so much for our community and those suffering with substance addiction. If you have questions about their services you can reach them at: (207) 561-9444

Eastern Area Agency on Aging services almost 2000 Penobscot County residents through their Meals-on-Wheels/ home delivered meals, Cafe, their Supplemental Food Bank, and Furry Friends Food Bank. These important services directly affect the health and safety of our county's aging and disabled populations. This $50,000 ARPA fund award will help EAAA continue this work.

These programs are vital but represent just a fraction of the services this vital organization offers. You can find out more about what they do and their services at: (207) 941-2865

Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness will be using their $100,000 County ARPA award to develop a a Withdrawal Management and Healing Center in the Bangor area which will serve Wabanaki and Indigenous individuals. Their services differ from standard recovery services through their incorporation of holistic and traditional Indigenous practices. They also work to re-integrate their clients back into the community with the center helping long after first contact.

To learn more about their unique services, they can be reached at:  (207) 991-8463

The Eastern Maine Community College branch in East Millinocket will be using their $150,000 award to purchase and install a back up generator system. This system will secure needed T-1 connectivity to schools and libraries in the Katahdin area of Penobscot County. This branch also houses many services in addition to EMCC such as the Katahdin Region Development Board.

You can find out more about their in-person and online class offerings at (207) 746-5741 or more information for your business in the Katahdin area at (207) 991-2128

Millinocket Regional Hospital, the only Critical Access Hospital serving the Katahdin area, has been awarded $1,067,440 in ARPA funds to upgrade their Emergency Department in response to the demands of COVID-19 and the continuing issues it has laid bare. Their new plan will address the air handling needs making the ED safer for both patients and employees as well as separating the ED entrance from the main entrance to the hospital. They will also be adding rooms to address patients with Substance Abuse or Mental Health needs that are often in the ED for longer periods of time and for whom the pace and lighting of the ED make their conditions worse. 

You can reach their business office at ​​(207)-723-5161

Beneficiary Program Awards

The Penobscot County Commissioners would like to thank all of the organizations that applied for the Beneficiary grant program. There were excellent examples of organizations that see the needs of the people of Penobscot County and how they are responding.


For this round of funding we have chosen Nine organization’s proposals to fund.


Welcome to Housing Home Goods Bank Inc. of Old Town will receive $15,000

Save A Life, Inc. in Lincoln will receive $25,000

Golden Harvest Grange Hall of Carmel will receive $10,000

Bangor Area Homeless Shelter of Bangor will receive $25,000

MMHC Together Place of Bangor will receive $24,250

Breaking the Cycle of Millinocket will receive $25,000

PIR2Peer of Millinocket will receive $25,000

Food AND Medicine of Bangor will receive $24,835

Neighbors Supporting Neighbors Community Pantry serving Hermon, Carmel, Levant, Etna, and Dixmont will receive $25,000

The grant funds will be used to help people coping with addiction, with transportation, refrigerated trucks to help distribute food, expand services to the communities these organizations serve, and generally make Penobscot County better able to help its people. We are proud of the work these organizations are doing and thrilled to be able to support them with our county’s ARPA funds.

We will be contacting each organization to provide next steps to complete this funding process. The Commissioners will be meeting shortly to review the Sub-Recipient program applications and we will announce those funding decisions in the coming weeks.

Again, we want to thank everyone that applied and congratulate these organizations for the work they are doing!

If your organization is on this list, your designated contact should receive an email shortly with next steps.

Have a question not answered here? Contact Us.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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