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Penobscot County Commissioners' Minutes from August 6, 2019

For a downloadable copy click HERE

Penobscot County Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes August 06, 2019 2249 9:00 AM Commissioners Peter Baldacci and Laura Sanborn 70° Commissioner Andre Cushing – Absent

Approval of Minutes -

Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to approve July 23rd and July 30, 2019 meeting minutes. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 2-0.

Paving Project Bid Opening -

Commissioner Baldacci opened up the Pavement Renewal and Repaving of the Bangor Post Office Driveway, Parking Areas and Entrance to Franklin Street Bid Opening. The following vendors submitted their bid by the deadline.

Eaton Paving & Excavation Peter Nason Bangor Post Office Repaving Project Pricing List $52,700

Commissioner Sanborn moved to approve this bid from Eaton Paving and Excavation for $52,700. Commissioner Cushing seconded the motion. Motion approved 2-0.

Maintenance Update –

Cap Ayer, Director of Maintenance presented two quotes for a heat pump to be installed in the intake area of the jail.

Mechanical Services Dave’s World Intake Area Heat Pump Inc. Labor and materials $13,790 $9,273

Commissioner Sanborn moved to approve Dave’s World $9,273 quote. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Motion approved 2-0.

Commissioner Sanborn moved to approve Bangor Lawn and Landscaping bid for Snow Removal of Penobscot County Property for Winter Seasons 2019-2022 at $11,900 and

$ 62 Sand/$ 92 Salt per ton. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Motion approved 2-0. Bill reminded the Commissioners we still have the issue of shoveling since this is not a service Bangor Lawn and Landscaping is able to provide. Cap believes we need consistent direction to the trustees. Cap feels there is no need to hire an additional contract crew as we already own the equipment necessary to clean off our walkways and entrances.

Cap reported that a gate opener to the evacuation yard no longer works. Cap provided two quotes for replacement since having it repaired would not be cost effective. P.D.Q. Door quote at $3,800 for two gate openers, materials, installation and labor. Overhead Door quoted $ 10,800. Commissioner Sanborn moved to approve award to PDQ. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Motion approved 2-0.

Cap stated two representatives from Thyssen-Krupp will be in to talk to the Commissioners and provide an update on the repair of our Elevator.

UT Update –

UT Director, Barbara Veilleux reported that George Buswell is working on a ditching project on the Scraggly Lake Road this week.

Barbara presented the Myra Road gravel contract with Reinzo Excavation for signature. Signed.

Barbara presented the Greenfield paving contract with Street’s Landscape and Lawn Care for signature. Signed.

Barbara provided a picture of a troll that has been placed on the Sawtelle Bridge in T6 R7 (Scraggly Lake Road). A citizen requested that it be removed. They feel it is a safety issue as people are stopping to take pictures of the troll. The citizen also feels this is a scenic view and the troll is ugly. Commissioners took no action.

Barbara reported that the Broadband Committee will meet via conference call next week to determine what steps are next for the Greenfield Grant Project.

There was a structure fire in Kingman last week in which both Springfield and Lee Fire departments responded.

Barbara has not heard back from Rick Worster in regards to signing over the Kingman Fire Building. It seems as though Kingman Fire would like to keep it as a fire station. Barbara will update the Commissioners once she hears and report back on what is going on with the pumper truck.

Barbara is still waiting to hear back from Attorney Roger Huber regarding the Prentiss junkyard. PRCC Update –

Director, Chris Lavoie reported on last week’s Board of Directors meeting.

o The most discussed topic was the radio project. The process was explained. Bill Collins revealed that this project will be attached to the jail bond for funding. o Chief Brown from East Millinocket expressed his concerns about dead spots where there is no radio coverage.

Monday, Chris travelled with Chief Brown. The road trip started in East Millinocket with perfect weather conditions. They travelled 151 miles through Chester, Lincoln, Lee, Springfield, Prentiss, Washington and Aroostook County Reid Plantation, and up the Grindstone Road to the end of their coverage area. Chris found two spots where there was scratchy communication, but found that by switching to a different radio tower they were able to correct the problem. Chief Brown was surprised with the results.

Chris and Chief Brown conducted radio checks with DPS Bangor and DPS Houlton, Regional Communication Center on the MSCommNet. Chris found they could talk to three dispatch centers in the coverage areas while testing both mobile and portable coverages. Chris believes there is still an issue, but by changing towers it did help with coverage issues that were reported to him.

Josh Lilley reported on the PUC meeting he attended in Hallowell last week with the stakeholder group. When police protocols legislation was dismissed, the EUT (Energy, Utilities and Technologies) joint standing committee created a stakeholder group. This group left it up to ESCB (Emergency Services Communications Bureau) to reach out to all users to receive input where we stand with medical, fire and police protocols.

Josh reported that only Cumberland County wants to move forward with police protocol. Josh states that the attending members were tasked to investigate three items.

o How to spend the money from the 911 surcharge? o What Protocols made sense for the State of Maine? o Whether we should approve and adopt police protocols?

Josh states that they never got to discuss police protocols due to the time discussing what the 911 surcharge money could be used for and Fire and EMS protocols. Continued discussion was tabled until our next meeting August 16th. Hopefully we will have additional input from fire departments.

Josh stated that another fact finding session is to determine if surcharge funding could go to the counties.

Chris reported that he received Aroostook County’s 9-1-1 Calls RFP that is due September 6th. Chris reported that one of the radio screens died. We were able to install a spare. It is going to cost $1,500 to replace our spare.

Chris stated that PRCC had a power supply failure and had to use our spare power supply. That spare too, needs to be replaced at the cost of $2,200. Chris will do some shopping to find the best prices.

Chris reported he received several emails and calls from a gentlemen from East Millinocket requesting a transcript be provided immediately. This is not possible.

Administration Update –

Bill Collins reported he spoke briefly with Rob Frank WBRC. Rob and David Ziskind are working together to determine whether there is actual need to do additional test borings. We might be able to avoid this expense.

A new compressor is being installed in the basement of Franklin Street.

Bill attended the PRCC Board of Directors meeting. There was a great deal discussed on the radio tower. The Board wants to come back before the Commissioners with what they believe our County needs.

Monday, August 12th marks the first year anniversary of Commissioner Davis’ passing.

Commissioner Baldacci moved to appoint Commissioner Sanborn to participate on the upcoming Maine State Claims Board hearing. Commissioner Sanborn seconded the motion. Motion approved 2-0.

Grievance hearings have been set up for Tuesday, August 27th.

Kelly Fennelly officially began her position as Deputy Register of Deeds yesterday replacing Mary Faloon.

Bill reported on a bad motorcycle accident last night which involved the death of one of our Corrections Officers. Erika is meeting with the Sheriff/staff setting up grief counseling. This is available to PRCC too.

Bill states that EMDC’s Doug Dunbar is working with Joanna Russell as the lead for a grant proposal for Opioid Recovery. They are looking for the support of the Commissioners. Supported.

On Saturday, August 10th the lower County parking lot will be paint striped in the morning.

Payroll Change Notices signed for: Mary Faloon – Retired; Kelly Fennelly – Promoted; Joshua Lilley and Brittany Robertson Payroll Changes; George Buswell and Brittany Robertson – Comp Time. Payroll Warrant to be approved for pay date: $225,254.68 Accounts Payable Warrant to be approved for pay date : $537,386.56 UT A/P Warrant to be approved for 8/6/19 FY19: $224.00 UT A/P Warrant to be approved for 8/6/19 FY20: $7,812.97 UT A/P Warrant to be approved for 8/6/19 FY20: $9,246.93 UT TIF Warrant to be approved for 8/6/19 FY20: $7,854.82

Public Comment –

Larry Dansinger requested confirmation on where the jail will be located. Commissioner Baldacci stated that it is not a final decision until sufficient studies are completed, but we are leaning towards the old YMCA parcel.

Larry provided a list of data inquiries he would like accessed as he feels it is important information to have. Larry believes that people (inmates and community) are impacted on how well the system works. He would like this placed on the agenda next week to discuss.

Commissioner Baldacci reported that we are looking at improvements/reductions for the Pre-Trial population which is 70% of the jail currently. Commissioner Baldacci noted that we will no longer have video arraignments.

Executive Session---Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to go into Executive Session at 9:45 a.m., under 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (A) Personnel Matter. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Motion approve 2-0. Present were: Bill Collins, Chris Lavoie and Josh Lilley. Session ended at 9:50 a.m. NO votes taken.

Executive Session---Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to go into Executive Session at 9:52 a.m., under 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (A) Personnel Matter. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Motion approve 2-0. Present were: Bill Collins, Erika Honey and Sheriff Morton. Session ended at 10:24 a.m. NO votes taken.

Executive Session---Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to go into Executive Session at 10:25 a.m., under 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (A) Personnel Matter. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Motion approve 2-0. Present were: Bill Collins and Erika Honey. Session ended at 10:41 a.m. NO votes taken. Elevator Update –

Patrick Bergin, Account Manager and Charlie Nickerson, Service Supervisor from Thyssen Krupp reported what has occurred with the repair of the elevator. Patrick and Charlie thanked the Commissioners for affording the opportunity to meet.

July 1 Service Call Taken

July 2 Technician In - Identified problem (drive in the encoder needed to be replaced). The order was sent to the manufacturer Motion Control Engineering (MCE) out of California for their quote. It was discovered that the part needed was obsolete. Information was then sent to engineering to create a new drive. Patrick was then advised it would take five business days to receive a formal quote before it could be ordered. On day five, Patrick still hadn’t heard back from MCE. He learned it was still in engineering department with the understanding it needs to be expedited.

July 15 Quote was received (12 days after the problem had been identified). I sent the proposal to the County and everything was processed and confirmed.

July 16 Patrick then learned it would be a seven day lead time for parts.

July 26 Parts were received.

July 30 Two technicians came and when the drive was pulled off, there were three internal parts fried and two more which were bad. These pieces could not be seen until the drive was removed. At that time another request was sent to MCE for these parts. Luckily we were able to get a quote and purchase order placed that night. August 1 Our technicians returned back with the new pieces, installed them; turned the power on (expecting equipment to run normally) only there was a smell which was something smoking. There is uncertainty as to what happened, but once it is taken out there will be diagnostics to determine the cause. The replacement piece (is new, not refurbished). It should be in either tomorrow or Thursday. Since it is a new part, it has a two year manufacturer’s warrantee for parts and service. This should be a fairly simple installation (approximately four hours). The Commissioners thanked Mr. Bergen and Nickerson for coming in and explain the delay in repairs. Meeting Adjourned-

Commissioner Sanborn moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:06 a.m. with no further business on the agenda. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Moved to approve 2-0.

Certified By: Administrator, Bill Collins Peter K. Baldacci, Chairman Laura J. Sanborn, Commissioner

ABSENT Andre E. Cushing, III, Commissioner

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