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Penobscot County Commissioners' Meeting Minutes for June 26th, 2018

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Penobscot County Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes June 26, 2018 2195

9:00 AM Commissioners Peter Baldacci, Tom Davis and Laura Sanborn 62°

Approval of Minutes -

Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to approve the June 12th and June 20th, 2018 meeting minutes. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 3-0.

UT Update –

Barbara Veilleux reported that the State approved the UT budget last week. Therefore the paving projects have been placed out to bid. Responses are due back on July 10th.

Lisa Kettle has made great progress with Kingman Fire. She has brought the Material Safety Data sheets up to date; created new personnel files; brought an engine up to compliance; put up signage; and replaced batteries in the AED’s. Lisa discovered the turn out gear has expired. She is going to attempt to obtain a grant to purchase the new gear. She estimates up to $ 30K for ten sets.

Barbara and Laura Sanborn attended the LUPC hearing. Approximately 40 people testified on the proposed change in the adjacency principal. The majority of concerns expressed were:

o Protection of natural resources and scenic values

o Protection of water quality especially lakes

o Too large of an expansion/should be more focused

o Not enough detail about what would be allowed where

o Better definition of terms

o Slow down, add detail and hold another public hearing

o Work with adjacent towns for unified plan

o Concern about hurting business in adjacent towns

o Katahdin Woods and Waters wants to be removed due to the National Monument designation

Barbara said there is another LUPC public hearing set in September.

There has been no updates on if the LUPC seat Charlie Pray holds is vacant.

Sheriff’s Department Update –

Sheriff Troy Morton stated that today’s jail population is 173 inmates; 137 males, 36 females and 50 boarded out to other county jails. There are currently 63 inmates in pre-trial services, seven of which have direct home release. There are no federal inmates and there are two county swaps.

Sheriff is pleased with the lower count in the jail. There are no inmates housed at Cumberland for the past two weeks. Knox County has housed several of our inmates for free. Since we have a contract with Two Bridges they house 25 inmates.

Sheriff informed the Commissioners that four new corrections officers graduated yesterday. They will begin their in-house training today.

Sheriff reports it’s been a very busy couple weeks. Multiple trips to Augusta as well as attending Camp Postcard.

The Senate voted unanimously to fund County jails. The House vote was 82-40 for approving the funding. There were five Penobscot County Republicans that voted against funding.

Representative Dick Campbell (R-Orrington) invited Sheriff Morton inside the Senate to watch the vote.

On the law enforcement side, our officers have solved the Milford store and bank robberies, the two strong armed robberies in homes, as well as the two town offices that were burglarized. Arrests have been made on all these cases. The Sheriff wanted to recognize these officers for all their hard work and jobs well done.

Sheriff stated that the officers have been responding to at least one suicide a week. The Sheriff’s Office is working with NAMI to bring attention to this issue.

Commissioner Davis moved that we approve the 2019 supplemental contracts for the towns of Winn, Howland, Bradley and Greenbush. Commissioner Sanborn seconded the motion. Motion to approve passed 3-0. Signed.

PRCC Update –

Jordanna Sprague and Taylor Keeran were introduced to the Commissioners by Dispatcher Josh Lilley. These are PRCC newest call takers that are currently attending the in-house academy. The Commissioners welcomed them and thanked them for taking interest in serving our County.

UT Resident Concern –

Barbara Merry from Hersheytown Township, came before the Commissioners to see what can be done with a neighbor’s wood boiler. This outside wood boiler is completely disrupting her life. The smell is so unbearable that she can’t open windows to her home, hang out her laundry, as well as it sets off her fire alarm if she leaves her windows open.

Ms. Merry has contacted DEP multiple times in regards to this problem. They state that the neighbor’s wood boiler is up to code, and nothing that can be done due as there is

No ordinance that prohibits the use of the wood boiler.

Ms. Merry states that Millinocket has adopted an ordinance that allows outdoor wood burners to operate between the months of October 15th and April 15th of each year.

The Commissioners recommended Ms. Merry write a complaint letter and have Barbara present this complaint to DEP on her behalf.

DA Update -

Executive Secretary, Kristine Higgins brought over her two newest employees. Kristen Roemmich, a recent graduate of Husson University, is the clerical specialist that sits in the front window as the receptionist and logs in the reports. Chrissy Hughes, from Newport school district, is the clerical specialist covering Bangor Discovery. The Commissioners welcomed them officially to the County and wished them well.

Regional Public Safety Communications System Upgrade Bid Opening –

Chad LaBree brought forth the two bids he received by the June 22nd, 2018, 4:00 p.m. deadline.

o RCM (Radio Communications Management) Grand Total Bid $ 1,858,218.64

o Whitten’s 2-Way Grand Total Bid $ 986,730.64

Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to take the bids under advisement. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Motion to approve passed 3-0.

Finance Update –

Judy Alexander reported to the Commissioners that the TAN is down to $ 690 K after today’s payments. These monies should last another 2-3 weeks.

Judy states she has just started working on the correction unit’s retroactive pays with the recently approved contract.

Judy and Dan will be meeting with Machias Savings Bank today at 1:30 to finalize the line of credit that was approved at the June 12th meeting.

Joanne McIntyre updated the Commissioners that the ergonomics issues on the corrections side have been corrected with an anti-fatigue mat purchased for intake. The clerical desk was adjusted so that the specialist has more leg room.

HR Update –

Joanne sent an addendum for the employee handbook to Bill and will have more to present the Commissioners once finalized.

Joanne is currently working on job descriptions countywide so that they are more uniform. Joanne plans to meet with all the department heads to learn the core responsibilities; then she would like to have Bob Thomas from workmen’s comp come to help with the functional piece.

Joanne has posted for an unpaid intern position at Husson. She has received one application thus far. She and Bill will get together to work on the interview process.

Joanne reports that the workmen’s compensation injuries have slowed down considerably.

Probate Update –

Renee expressed to the Commissioners her thanks to the Sheriff’s Department for their assistance in providing security last week for two cases. Special thanks go to Sergeant Detectives Trask and Santiago and Deputy Stephen Boyd.

Renee followed up with her ICON meeting that took place in Belfast last week. Renee states that Maine Probate is deleting the interview process and will update their website for forms to be online.

Renee stated the Probate has been exceptionally busy with guardian and conservator cases. We are also making sure that Aroostook County is still being assisted with in their current situation.

Administrative Update –

Bill notified VP Ken Huhn from Greater Bangor Democrats the Commissioners’ decision to decline his request to use the Commissioners Chambers the second Saturday of the month.

Bill informed the Commissioners that he is still receiving wild emails on the County’s website daily. Chief Deputy Birch is looking to serve a complaint on one of the individuals, but has been unable to locate the person. Commissioner Sanborn made the motion to follow the recommendations of Chief Deputy Birch and our IT department to shut down the County’s general mailbox for two days. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Motion moved to approve passed 3-0.

We will be sending John Michael Smith a corrected order from his tax abatement hearing on May 1st, 2018.

There was a power failure on Friday that knocked the phone system off line.

Bill stated that he met this morning with DA Almy. Their office is extremely short staffed and he is requesting that they use Maggie Gray for the summer and pay her monies from the intern account line. The Commissioners discussed if legally this would be a viable solution for the DA’s office. They determined, No.

A citizen approached Bill to see if the metal grates that came from the lower windows are free for the taking. Bill asked the Commissioners if they wanted to place them out to bid or give them away. The Commissioners recommended talking to Cap Ayer and find out what his recommendation is.

Joanna Russell from NWDB contacted Bill to obtain insurance information. Bill referred her to Cap Ayer to get the information she needs for the insurance company.

Payroll change notices signed for: Donna Webber, Tracy Hall, Bradley Fitzgerald - Comp time; Patty McLaughlin and Steven Saucier – Rate Change; Blake Miller - Resignation

Payroll Warrant to be approved for: $ 224,388.19

Accounts Payable Warrant to be approved for: $ 135,179.59

Unorganized Territory Warrant to be approved: $ 37,988.68

Public Session – None

Executive Session---Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to go into Executive Session at 10:40 a.m., under 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (A) Personnel Matter. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 3-0. Present were: Bill Collins, Dan Tremble and Chad Labree. Session ended at 11:00 a.m.

Commissioner Davis made a motion for Bill Collins to negotiate a consulting contract with former PRCC Director Jim Ryan to review our Center. Commissioner Sanborn seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 3 – 0.

Executive Session---Commissioner Davis made a motion to go into Executive Session at 11:00 a.m., under 1 M.R.S.A. § 405 (6) (E) Legal Matter. Commissioner Sanborn seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 3-0. Present were: Bill Collins, Dan Tremble and Attorney Frank McGuire. Session ended at 11:36 a.m. NO votes taken

Meeting Adjourned-

Commissioner Davis moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:37 am with no further business on the agenda. Commissioner Sanborn seconded the motion. Moved to approve passed 3-0.

Certified By:

Administrator, William Collins

Peter K. Baldacci, Chairman

Laura J. Sanborn, Commissioner

Thomas J. Davis, Jr., Commissioner

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