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Penobscot County Commissioners' Meeting Minutes March 6th, 2018

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Penobscot County Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes March 6, 2018 2179

9:00 AM Commissioners Tom Davis and Laura Sanborn 32°

Absent: Commissioner Peter Baldacci

Sheriff’s Department Update –

Sheriff Troy Morton came today to pay special recognition to Commissioner Tom Davis for 33 years of public service. He has been a mentor, a friend, a voice of reason to all that have had the pleasure of working with him. Standing room only in the audience today were the Department Heads, Detectives, Deputies, Sheriff’s administration, as well as Commissioner Davis’ family and friends. Several members of the audience spoke and shared stories, the single thread that connected the stories is the enormous amount of respect, love and gratitude that they all feel for Commissioner Davis.

Sheriff Troy Morton stated that today’s jail population is 193 inmates comprising 156 males, 37 females and 48 boarded out to other county jails. There are currently 52 inmates involved with pre-trial services. There are no federal inmates.

Sheriff reports that Maine Pre-Trial has a new hire replacing Marla Flaherty.

The Sheriff states that PCSO Special Response team assisted Brewer Police Department in a recent drug case. Sheriff received a thank you note from Brewer PD Chief Moffatt from for the assistance with this case.

Sheriff reports that last evening law enforcement officers CPL Marko and Deputy Estes were involved in a heroin/cocaine recovery case in Hermon.

Also in Hermon, our deputies and Detectives were involved over the weekend in a theft of firearms and from a safe. Although the investigation is ongoing, most of the property has been recovered in Bangor and a couple of the suspects have been located.

Our Two Bridges contract expires on March 11th. Commissioner Sanborn made a motion for the Sheriff to extend the contract. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Motion passed 2-0.

Sheriff received an offer from Somerset County to house inmates for us at $ 60 a day. We appreciate the offer, but it is more than the current rate we are paying.

Chief Deputy Birch introduced our newest deputy from Newport D/S Nicholas Covall. The Commissioners welcomed Deputy Covall to Penobscot County.

UT Update –

Bill provided a copy of draft legislation LD 1719, forwarded by Charlie Pray, which leaves the responsibility for decision making on marijuana retail sales in the Unorganized Territory to county commissioners. The Sheriff feels that this is going to impact everyone in law enforcement. Maine legislators have promised the taxes from these sales to everyone other than law enforcement. The Sheriff believes there should be some consideration to law enforcement being included in receiving some of the money. Mr. Pray is seeking feedback on the draft as soon as possible.

Barbara Veilleux notified the Commissioners she has received a letter from Diem LaPierre requesting she be let out of the Millinocket Lake Road snow removal contract effective June 1, 2018. Barbara stated that this contract will be placed back out for bid. Approved.

Barbara and George requested that Jerome Emery put up an additional 600 yards of sand. Due to the extra work involved in putting up sand in the winter, the price on this has gone up an additional $1 per yard over the contract price.

The equity partnership closing between MRC and PERC occurred last week and checks went sent out on Friday. Our share of $7,800 will be used to buy into the new agreement with PERC as soon as the new partnership document is received.

Barbara has agreed to participate on a panel to discuss solid waste budgeting at this year’s MRRA conference that will be held at the Samoset in Rockport in April.

PRCC Update –

Chad Labree came before the Commissioners to introduce his new Deputy Director of PRCC, Chris Lavoie. Chris started his official duties yesterday.

Chad and Chris will be meeting tomorrow with bringing Bangor 9-1-1 over to the County.

Chad reports that the 9-1-1 bureau was here last week to look over the consoles being used.

Chad will have a new call taker that is starting on March 19th. A second call taker should be on board shortly after that. Chad reports that he is placing a formal posting in the media, but has been receiving applications from word of mouth.

Commissioner Sanborn moved to approve the RFP Chad presented for new consoles for the three positions being added in dispatch. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Motion to approve passed 2-0.

Chad provided an update on the new workspace. He appreciates the work that Cap has put forward on the third floor renovations. There is a noticeable difference with the lighting and reduced noise level since the drop ceiling has been installed. Chris Lavoie’s new office space should be completed by Monday.

Chris Lavoie communicated a 9-1-1 call that occurred on Friday, February 23rd and the professional response that took place. A dispatcher, Kendrick McCarthy, took a call from a frantic wife that thought her husband was having a seizure. Upon further questioning from Kendrick it was determined that the husband was in cardiac arrest. Dispatcher McCarthy provided CPR instructions to the wife until Deputy Kari Kurth and Eddington Rescue could get on scene. Nine days later, the family, dispatcher McCarthy, Deputy Kurth, and Eddington EMS met at the Eddington Town Hall where words of thanks and photos were taken.

Administration Update -

Bill stated that the Correction Officers supervisor negotiations will be continuing.

The tax abatement hearing from last week will be finalized next week when Commissioner Baldacci is available.

The Old Town Assessor, Travis Roy would like to thank the Commissioners for their prompt response to his questions regarding the Towns valuation.

This Friday will be the second round interviews for the Human Relations Manager position for the County.

Weather permitting, Bill and Dick Hansen will attend a meeting Thursday morning in regards to supplemental insurance for retiree’s.

Maine Sheriff’s Association annual convention is next week. MCCA and MACCAM will be holding their meeting on Thursday, March 15th.

The Building Committee met last Wednesday. The minutes were handed to the Commissioners for their review.

Penquis Steering Committee meeting is being held tonight.

A spokesman from the Governor’s Office said they were withdrawing their proposal to take over County Jails in front of the Criminal Justice Committee last week. Bill intends to contact Charlie Pray in regards to where we are on requesting needed funding for this fiscal year.

Governor LePage has made the decision not to appeal Judge Woodcock’s decision on Coastal County lawsuit regarding workforce development.

Bill received MCCA correspondence regarding two cases being found in County’s favor. Johnathan Spinney vs Penobscot County and the Oxford County civil service fees/anti-competitive business challenge.

Payroll change notices signed for: Thomas Burgess - Retirement; Shianne Levesque – Remove from Payroll; Christopher Lavoie – Promotion; Ryan Auffant – Probationary Period Ended

Payroll Warrant to be approved for: $ 234,756.38

Account Payable Warrant to be approved: $ 418,441.47

Unorganized Territory Warrant to be approved: $146,226.49

Public Comment—None.

Meeting Adjourned-

Commissioner Sanborn moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 with no further business on the agenda. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Moved to approve passed 2-0.

Certified By:


Administrator, William Collins

ABSENT Peter K. Baldacci, Chairman

Laura J. Sanborn, Commissioner

Thomas J. Davis, Jr., Commissioner

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