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County Commissioners' Meeting Minutes for November 21st, 2017

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Penobscot County Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes November 21, 2017 #2164 9:10 AM Commissioners Peter Baldacci, Tom Davis and Laura Sanborn 35°

PRCC Update:

Chad LaBree spoke to the Commissioners about placement of his new call takers. Chad prepared a sketched outline of his front office and will see what his vendor could do with that workspace.

Chad is looking for a temporary solution to locate his quality assurance personnel. Chad feels they need to be relocated so the call takers are not distracted. An alternative space short term would space could be on the 3rd floor where the UT administration will be housed. There is a large conference room in that room that Chad feels could be the answer. The Commissioners agreed that this is a midterm solution.

Chad is waiting to receive quotes from mechanical services for dropping in air ducts and the exchange system.

Chad will come back next week to report on call takers too.

Citizen Harry Sanborn recommended that before they lower the ceiling, testing be done for electromagnetic interference. Chad stated that this topic had already been discussed and was being addressed by Mechanical Services.

NWDB Update:

Joanna Russell spoke of the coastal counties suing Governor LePage and Commissioner John Butera in federal court alleging withholding millions of dollars in federal funds. Joanna stated there was a change in the contract language to require 60% of the monies be used for job training. This drastically reduces the monies needed to assess the workers’ skills, experience and determine ability and capability to complete these programs.

NWDB serves the hard to serve customers/clients that require one on one support services for career advisement. These typically are dislocated workers, homeless, low or no income, or incarcerated peoples. In order for Joanna’s clients to succeed in the job market the need to assess workers’ skills, experience and education is crucial.

There is an emergency crisis meeting tomorrow (the day before Thanksgiving) voting on this 60% requirement. Joanna and Commissioner Davis plan on attending the meeting.

We are in second quarter of FY 17 and we have no contract. What Joanna would like to see happen is keep FY 17 the same and if changes need to be made, do that for FY 18. Joanna states that as things stand today, we are not meeting our performance requirement.

The injunction court date has been set up for 12/18 in Augusta.

Water Quality Protection Ordinance

A concerned citizen, Peter Crockett from Argyle Township spoke to the Commissioners in regards to the well-being of the environment. Peter feels we are under direct attack from the Federal, State and most recently local governments. Last week Old Town approved to double the size of the Juniper Ridge landfill to a 75 acre facility which is pumping poisons in the form of leachates into the Penobscot River.

Central Maine Power, Emera and METCO (a conglomerate of energy companies including CMP, Emera) have recently been acquiring rights of way to the western land of the State of Maine. Some of these right of ways are as wide as 1200- 1400 feet. The fear Mr. Crockett has is that this is to be used as a multi-use energy corridor.

Peter is proposing a rights based ordnance so that the Commissioners can protect Penobscot County against destructive development. Peter believes that with our current leadership in the nation, state and localities we have no one who will protect our State lands.

The Commissioners told Mr. Crockett that they will take his information under advisement and get back in touch if needed. The Commissioners expressed that we all have the same goals and concerns for protecting our environment. They thanked Mr. Crockett for his presentation.

Before leaving, Mr. Crockett wanted to compliment the County on the company we contracted for road maintenance last winter.

Administrative Updates:

Commissioner Davis made a motion to have Peter Baldacci as their representative to the Maine County Commissioners’. Commissioner Sanborn seconded the motion. Motion to approve passed 3-0.

Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to have Bill Collins serve as the proxy in the event of an absence for Commissioner Baldacci. These appointments are for the Risk Pool too. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Motion to approve passed 3-0.

Bill met with the architects of WBRC for a walkthrough of the 127 Hammond Street property. They have been invited to make a presentation at the Commissioners meeting next week. Bill would like to invite members of the jail building committee to be present.

On behalf of Sheriff Troy Morton today’s jail population is 192 (157 males, 35 females) in house with 74 boarded out to other county jails. There are no federal inmates at this time. Currently there are 52 inmates with Maine Pre-trial.

Commissioner Baldacci stated he would not be present for next week’s meeting.

Reminder Flexible spending forms are due by December 1st. The paperwork needs to be given to Barbara Veilleux if you choose to participate.

Bill presented a letter to be sent to City of Brewer’s Mayor Kevin O’Connell. This would be in response to his concerns brought up at the November 16th Budget Committee meeting. Commissioner Baldacci approved and signed the letter.

Bill approved the third floor corridor stairwell ceiling LED lighting which was not part of the original work quote while the contractors were already on site. Okayed.

Michelle Tanguay dropped in to give the Commissioners a FEMA update. Preliminary estimates showed $1.3 M in damages in Penobscot County alone; our threshold is $ 773 K. Step One with FEMA was assessing damages so Michelle met and travelled to six towns with two FEMA agents. FEMA was looking for details such as debris piles, documentation such as pictures of the damages, sizes of our dump trucks, how many loads of debris were taken, how many people worked and places in towns that had the most damage. We have 30 days from the day of the event to request a presidential disaster declaration.

Bill has been in communications with the Corrections, Patrol – Line and Patrol Supervisor groups to set up dates to negotiate contracts for 2018.

Bangor City Manager requested City Councilors tour the PRCC Center on a Monday night. The Commissioners felt it would be very helpful for the Council to see where the Call takers and dispatchers will be located.

Sheriff Morton provided investigation reports on the two inmates that had forwarded complaints including one sent Senator Collins office. The Commissioners recommended the investigation of the complainant sent to Senator Collins needs further work.

Payroll change notices signed for: Comp Time for Cap Ayer, Tyler Thompson and Mary Anne Hesseltine

Payroll Warrant to be approved for: $ 227,594.02

Accounts Payable Warrant to be approved for: $ 222,533.21

Unorganized Territory Warrant to be approved for: none

Executive Session- Commissioner Sanborn motioned to go into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter at 10:40 am under 1 MRSA §405 (6) (A) Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 3 – 0. The Commissioners, Administrator Bill Collins and Treasurer Dan Tremble were in attendance. Executive Session ended at 10:48 am with no votes taken.

Public Comment - None

Meeting Adjourned-- The meeting was adjourned at 10:49 am with no further business on the agenda.

Certified By:

Administrator, William Collins Peter K. Baldacci, Chairman Laura J. Sanborn, Commissioner Thomas J. Davis, Jr., Commissioner

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