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Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes September 12, 2017

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Penobscot County Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes September 12, 2017 #2154 9:00 AM Commissioners Tom Davis, Laura Sanborn & Peter Baldacci Unorganized Territory Update- • UT Director Barbara Veilleux presented the new contract with Maine Stream Finance for TIF application review for signature. Signed. Commissioner Sanborn noted it moved along quite nicely. • He Greenfield culvert project contract with A & G Dirtworks was presented for signature. Signed. The culvert was delivered to the site yesterday. George reports is about half put together. We may be closing the road as early as tomorrow. We have gone door to door with notices to residents that live on the Myra Road. • Bob Watson, MDOT Northern Region Supervisor reports Grad Lake Road will be striped all the way to Baxter State Park in mid-September. • The re-claim project is slated to for the end of September in Mattamiscontis. • Jerome report the last load of salt have been delivered and was very dry. SPILLMAN MAPPING— • PRCC Director Chad LaBree and Tyler Holland of Spillman software came before the Commissioners to discuss Computer Mapping software module the Commissioners previously considered when Hancock County contacted Penobscot about providing their PSAP service. Tyler explained that Spillman had been purchased by Motorola Solutions in November of last year. Tyler explained that what he is offering for the CAD Mapping project he is offering a site license for the entire Spillman server which would include all the agencies that use Spillman in the County. (listed all agencies including four from Piscataquis) CAD Mapping and mobile AVL allows the dispatchers to be able to see where all units are located on a map and wherever they travel in real time. It is an officer safety benefit. Cliff Warren explained that there is a small cost for those agencies that would need to have a GPS tracking device. The quote also include the GEO based ESRI license which allows this package to work. The total cost for the quote is $ 160 K which covers all licensing, CAD mapping licensing and the mobile AVL licensing for all Depts. in the County. Cliff explained that this provides instantaneous information in a separate server. Geo validation will take cross reference information and makes it more efficient with a visual map of the Units and define shortest routes what units could respond. Commissioner Davis was concerned about our County being able to see State Police vehicles suggesting that Spillman throw in a Mobile server to be able to do that. The Sheriff believes this is a major upgrade for our agency. Tyler said if the State moves forward with the Spillman mapping service and mobile AVL that it could be possible to connect our agencies. Tyler confirmed it is a site license so agencies that do not use the service today can be included moving forward without additional cost. Tyler noted the offer has a discount of $ 21 K with a signing before Sept. 30th, with a four year payment term and four years of maintenance. First payment due January of 2018. After further discussion, Commissioner Davis made a motion to approve purchase of the Mapping Software. Commissioner Sanborn seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 3 – 0. Executive Session - Commissioner Sanborn motioned to go into Executive Session to discuss a contract matter at am under 1 MRSA §405 (6) (F) at 9:30 am. Commissioner Davis seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 3-0. Commissioners Davis, Sanborn, Baldacci, Administrator Bill Collins, Treasurer Dan Tremble, Administrative Assistant Tyler Thompson and Rob Frank of WBRC were in attendance. Executive Session ended at 10:30 am with no votes taken. Commissioner Davis made a motion to approve engagement of WBRC to work with the Sheriff, Administrator and others to further study the best use of 127 Hammond Street in regards to the Counties spacing needs. Commissioner Sanborn seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 3 – 0. Commissioner Davis left the meeting to attend another appointment. PRCC Update— • Bill Collins and Chad LaBree shared that they had met with Bangor City Manager Cathy Conlow, Police Chief Mark Hathaway and Fire Chief Tom Higgins. The discussion was simply that Bangor plans to move their PSAP operation from the City to the County. The timing and politics are different this time than last. Bangor discussed this and all in the City are in favor of making the change this time. Commissioner Baldacci asked Chad to prepare a cost estimate of the move. He suggested the cost should be included in the possible bond package the County will seek in June. He asked Judy Alexander to look into what steps and timing we would need to move forward with a June Bond. • Bill and Chad also participated in a Labor Management meeting with the Union. Unfortunately Jim Mackie was not able to attend. We shared that we were meeting with Bangor in regards to their possible move of PSAP duties over to the County. Also the change in having call takers vs. Dispatchers which would be a change to our contract. Chad shared that the Union indicated they believe the offer to be very fair. • Discussion ensued in regards to the future use of the current PRCC space. Chad shared it could be a great conference room meeting/training space as it has all the audio visual in place. Finance Update— • Finance Director Judy Alexander handed out the first draft of the Penobscot County 2018 Budget. Judy shared a proposed hearing schedule and noted changes and highlights on the inside cover. She pointed out that we put payroll and benefits where it belongs in payroll. She also noted that the LD 1 Cap allows us to increase the Budget to 5.61% and with the addition of the extra positions in Dispatch this budget increase is now estimated to be 4.63%. • Commissioner Baldacci noted that the language on the Jail highlights needs to be reworded which reflects that the Jail Budget can be increased to 4% or an additional $ 62 K. • The Commissioners need to identify who may have left government and can no longer serve on the 2018 Budget Committee. Judy will email the current last year’s list of members to the Commissioners. • Judy noted that she has received a copy of the draft 2016 County audit. She said they will be coming to do the County Jail and UT audits Administration Update- • Resident Elizabeth Grant of Carmel has requested the Commissioners proceed with holding her tax abatement appeal hearing as she and the local assessor were not able to meet. Do the Commissioners want to go view the property or hold the hearing here? After discussion, the Commissioners said there was no need to view the property and to schedule the hearing here. • The Cigna contract presented for signature contained errors. Dick Hansen will work with Cigna at obtaining a corrected copy. • The FOP wants to meet on Monday, September 19th for a 2018 Wage Re-Opener. • Tyler Thompson did an excellent job managing County affairs during our absence attending the County Convention. All paperwork was signed and submitted to the proper authorities. • Tonight is the Penquis Steering Committee Meeting at 6:30 pm. Executive Session - Commissioner Sanborn motioned to go into Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter at am under 1 MRSA §405 (6) (A) at 11:01 am. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 2-0. Commissioners Sanborn, Baldacci, Administrator Bill Collins, Treasurer Dan Tremble, Administrative Assistant Tyler Thompson, Finance Director Judy Alexander and EMA Director Michelle Tanguay were in attendance. Michelle left the session at 11:15. Executive Session ended at 11:26 am. Commissioner Sanborn voted to approve a donation of sick time for an employee to her husband so he could tend to an ill family member. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 2 – 0. Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to approve a title change for DJ Bowden’s positon from Deputy Clerk to Assistant Finance Director and also move the position from the Commissioner Dept. Budget to the Treasurers Dept. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 2 – 0. Commissioner Sanborn made a motion to approve the hiring of Tyler Thompson to replace DJ Bowden upon her retirement and waive a probation period in his new role as he has just completed his probationary period here at the County. Commissioner Baldacci seconded the motion. Vote to approve passed 2 – 0. Administrative Update Continued- • Payroll Warrant to be approved for: $ 209,885.45. • Accounts Payable Warrant to be approved for: $ 663,460.27. • Unorganized Territory Warrant to be approved for: None. • Payroll change notice signed for: Hired Part-Time: Trevor Smith and Cory Hamilton. • Compensation notice signed for: Tyler Thompson – 1 Hour. Public Comment—None Meeting Adjourned- The meeting was adjourned at 11:29 am with no further business on the agenda. Certified By: /s/ Penobscot County Administrator, William Collins /s/ Peter K. Baldacci, Chairman /s/ Laura J. Sanborn, Commissioner /s/ Thomas J. Davis, Jr., Commissioner

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